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Jul 13, 2020


I am working in Storyline 3, in Windows, and I have a question bank question.  I have an exam with questions from 9 chapters.  It was original designed so that each question has its own QB, so Question 1 is a 2/2 draw, Question 2 is a 1/2 draw etc.  There are 100 Question Banks to support this exam.  I would like to minimize that to 9 (I for each chapter) but I am not sure if I can.  There are question for each 'lesson' in a chapter and some are mandatory.  Let me show you:


1. Chapter 3 - ABC  2/2
2. Chapter 3 - DEF 2/2
3. Chapter 3 - GHI 1/2
4. Chapter 3 - JKL 1/2
5. Chapter 3 - MNO 2/2

So as you can see there would be 10 questions in the bank, but only 8 need to be served.  Unfortunately I can't make 3 and 4 simply random because I need 1 from each set (which is random within the set).  I there a way to make a Chapter 3 QB that would allow me to set those parameters, so I can get 1 each from number 3 and 4 guaranteed instead of just randomizing all 4 question ina 2/4 setting?

I hope that makes sense.  Thank you in advance!!



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Wendy and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thank you for contacting us and sharing your project needs.

There is no way to 'group' the items in your question banks, so using separate question banks does seem like the best solution to fit your needs.

I look forward to any other ideas from members of the community if they've filled a similar need.

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