Question banks and branching scenarios

Hey everyone, 

Wondering if someone help me come up with a solution for this one.

I am currently working on a quiz that will test the knowledge retention from a specific unit. 

The user has a chance to win 5 badges, but only if they answer 5 questions correctly in a row. 

I currently have this worked like shown in the image below

My manager has asked the question if these questions (and the other 20) can be randomised via a question bank - and i can't quite figure out the variables that will make this work.

Please find the quiz attached and have a route through, any advice would be really great.

Thanks in advance :)

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Lucy Bolton

Hi Phil,

Firstly thanks for getting back to me and apologies for the delayed response, its been a busy few weeks!! 

Yea the plan is that the user gets kicked out when they get one wrong, and if possible review what they got wrong at the end of each set of questions.