Question banks interfere with preview

Apr 10, 2023

This is the third attempt at making an entire course that is a quiz and I have zero issues setting up the questions and previewing the results until I want to use the question banks. 

During preview mode, the slide continues to load non-stop with no actual preview available. However, I am able to view by scene or slide. 

I have 65 questions total that I want to section into 5 different banks, based on the format and score. When I create the question bank, I import the questions from the scene and then move them to the bank.

Once I have all 5 question banks, I then use the new draw to draw them randomly and to re-insert them into the scene.

I have 3 scenes: Introduction, Test and Results. 

Support has informed me to delete the results slide and inset a new one. I have tried that. I have also followed the advice of creating progressive backup files of my project day-by-day. 

Has anyone else experienced issues like this when using Question Banks?

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