Question export fron Storyline

Mar 08, 2021


there are options in Storyline to import questions from Excel. But I didn't find a way to export questions e.g. to Excel. My fault? Publishing in Word does not take away the questions.


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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Heinz!

You're right. There currently isn't a way to export questions from Storyline to Excel.

Could you share more about what you're hoping to do with that Excel file? We'd love to brainstorm on how to unlock your goal. 

For now, one idea is to use the Export to Word option and convert the resulting Word document into Excel or a table.

Heinz Lewandowski


we've translated a course to Russian. To do a quality check on  the translation we've used publishing to word function to provide the native speaker there with the texts and a view on the context. And we expected to see the questions there as well. But they wasn't. That's the reason for asking after excel export.

I just tested the Word-export for translation again. Looking good! We normally use the xlif version, to avoid problems while re-importing. I will test the word again for next translation.