Question ID tag cumstomisation in LMS

Jun 13, 2013

I have a quiz set up in Storyline which when sent to our LMS is giving a very long and untraceable question ID.

 It is possible to customise this i.e Question 1, Question 2?

Please see picture below. We are using Scorm 2004.

 Any suggestions more than appreciated thank you.



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Dan Marsden

Leslie - those images show the - I presume there's a way in Articulate to set those values manually?

John - the SCORM spec doesn't allow for the actual question to be passed from the SCORM package to the LMS - all we get is the "identifier" which you are seeing there and then information about the answer the learner gave. I'm pretty sure you can customize the identifier in Articulate but hopefully someone else here can give you guidance on that.

John Griffiths

My IT Guru's have come back to me - they have tried mutliple variances on the script shown in the thread above to no joy. 

They also found a bit of script in this thread: but again had no joy.

I have raised a ticket with Articulate Support but I would like to open it up to the Articulate staff & experts here - 

"Can Storyline override the fields published to SCORM?"

John Griffiths

Hi Ashley,

As I said to Jonathon, I believe this issue DOES fall within the Articulate Support scope as it is a setting which needs tweaking within the Storyline software or the published files, rather than on the LMS side. There is evidence that other people have achieved the results I am after by applying such tweaks within Storyline's publshed files (in the thread links above) however they do not seem to work with my projects. 

Part of me thinks I am over complicating this - surely I am not the first person to publish a storyline project to moodle (two of the most popular platforms) and need to see a clear breakdown of students responses to each question? 

So, perhaps I am asking two questions:

Technically, How do we change the Interaction ID's within Storyline so I can customise the Interaction Breakdown in Moodle OR is there an "easy to read" breakdown of how students answered each question?

Thanks to everyone who's got involved so far! Let's see if we can get the definitive answer to this basic requirement soon  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

We definitely have a number of Moodle users who you'll find here in the community. In terms of the information that Moodle receives from Storyline to help you review quiz answers, those items are indicated here.  

The user's you're referring to who have made tweaks to the published output of Storyline are implementing methods that are not supported by Articulate, as we do not support modifying the published output, although the last link you shared references Presenter instead of Storyline, which could also be why these methods are not working for you. Here is a thread where a community member offers code specific to Storyline. 

If there is a feature that you would like to see in future versions of Storyline, you're welcome and encouraged to share those thoughts with our team here. 

John Griffiths


I think I have been a bit of a dope!! I tried publishing my quiz in SCORM2004 today, didnt change any other files or settings and guess what - it blooming worked! Lone behold, there in my moodle "track details" report is the question text, just as its displayed in SL. 

I could have sworn I tried this yesterday and it didnt work, but there we go. 

If you are looking to get a question by question breakdown from Moodle using SL, publish in SCORM2004. 

I am now in the process of trying to hack moodle to bits to display the information in a bit of a better report, check out my thread there to keep up to date or contirbute:

Thanks everyone!

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