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Oct 06, 2016

Hi All:

I am designing a course that consists of 10 separate modules. Each module has about ten lessons. Each lesson is a 10 min video presentation followed by a short test. Each test consists of three questions drawn from three question pools randomly. Pool 1 consists of level 1 type questions (easy or one star), Pool II consists of level II type questions( moderately difficult or two stars), and Pool III consists of level III type questions (hard or three stars). Question 1 in the test should be drawn from pool 1, question 2 from pool 2 and question 3 from pool 3. If a student gets question 1 correct, then he/she is sent to question two from drawn from pool two . Otherwise, another question is taken from pool 1. if the student gets the second correct, then they are send to question 3 drawn from pool 3, otherwise, another question is drawn from pool 2. Has someone done this before ? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kimal! 

Hopefully someone in the community has created such a design before. Sounds interesting, but not sure that I've seen a setup quite like that before. As you know you must designate the number of questions for a question draw, so unless you have a another/hidden slide for branching that pulls a question you need... then tracking would become an issue.

Looking forward to what the community has to offer for your design.

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