Question/Problem with a result slide

I just created a quiz with survey questions,

There are 50 statements and the user has to choose and click a button (Note 1 – 5) on every statement weather he agrees with it or not.

My question is:

What I would like to do with articulate us:


Count the total amount of specific statements for example


Category A: total amount of statement 1, 7 20, 30, and so on

Category B: total amount of statement 5, 9, 22, 28…

Category C…

Category D…


And the Category with the highest total amount is the match result that is shown to the user.


Is that possible? Thanks so much for you answer, ‘cause I watched so many clips to find a solution with no success so far.





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Dave Cox

Hi Arkadius

Yes, you certainly can do what you ask.

Start by adding your columns together by setting triggers for each choice.

Set variable 1 to the value of Q1, Add value of Q7, Add value of Q20, Add value of Q30 and etc.

Set Variabl2 to the value of Q5, and add the rest of the questions like before.

Continue until you've added all of your columns into variables.

Next you need a Hi-score variable. Initialize the variable to 0.

If Variable 1 > Hi-Score variable, add variable 1 value to Hi-score variable. Continue with the rest of the variables.