Questions and Connect Four

Hello everybody

Today I've been working on this Connect four game and I hope that the result is ok. In any case I think it's playable There's no instruction for the moment and the 3 blue stickers will be some clickable tips later (I'm finishing it).


I have a few questions. In order to make the game, I used a lot of states and True/False variables to change the color of the dot to green or red, depending on the answer. I was wondering if there was any shortcut to do that, like using the tool Pick One.

Another thought that I had is that students can click several times on the same dot and change their answer. Is there a way to block that? To make it clickable only once?

I also had a question in a previous post but nobody answered. It's here.

Last question :) To change the dot to red, I put a False variable, changing in the state, I used the Toggle variable/ = No assignment. It seemed to work but i didn't understand really what it meant, and what the difference was with Set X equal to False.

Thanks a lot for your time :)

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Caroline M

Hahaha sorry :p

The goal is to make a line of four greens. It's a grammar exercise to train with the EN pronoun and you have to find the correct answer (ie the sentence where the pronoun is correctly placed). Hence my question earlier, as it's possible to click many times on one dot and change the answer.