Questions and Connect Four

Feb 04, 2014

Hello everybody

Today I've been working on this Connect four game and I hope that the result is ok. In any case I think it's playable There's no instruction for the moment and the 3 blue stickers will be some clickable tips later (I'm finishing it).


I have a few questions. In order to make the game, I used a lot of states and True/False variables to change the color of the dot to green or red, depending on the answer. I was wondering if there was any shortcut to do that, like using the tool Pick One.

Another thought that I had is that students can click several times on the same dot and change their answer. Is there a way to block that? To make it clickable only once?

I also had a question in a previous post but nobody answered. It's here.

Last question :) To change the dot to red, I put a False variable, changing in the state, I used the Toggle variable/ = No assignment. It seemed to work but i didn't understand really what it meant, and what the difference was with Set X equal to False.

Thanks a lot for your time :)

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