Questions Not Displaying Correct Answers

Nov 14, 2017

Why doesn't the correct answer show on the correct layer and incorrect layer? I'm finding this in all my questions and it is very frustrating. I had to fake it with checks and x's I created for all my multiple response type questions. Now I'm finding that the sequence drag and drop doesn't display to correct order for the correct/incorrect layers either. Do any of the question types display the correct answers for questions?

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Holly,

I don't believe there is an option on the incorrect feedback layer to show what the correct answer was. 

As you said, you can add check marks or other objects to the layers to indicate the correct answers (careful with shuffling answer options) and of course you can add any type of additional feedback you like on these layers.

Or you can add triggers on the incorrect layer to change the state of the relevant radio button/checkmark/whatever to Selected, although this would be quite labour intensive.

Of, if you don't need to have the correct answers shown immediately, you can use the Review function on the Result slide so the learner can review the whole quiz and see what they got right/wrong, along with correct answers for those questions they got wrong (

Hope this helps a bit :) 


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