Quick ways to modify exit animations on the Storyline timeline

I am working on a training module where I use a series of animations that need to fade in and out on the screen at certain times.  I use the Align to cue points to quickly move when an animations fades in to the screen, but I am manually adjusting the exit out animation on the timeline (a lot of dragging and scrolling manually).  Is there a faster way to align the exit out animations to cue points or the position of the play head?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joy!

I'm sure there are community members that are much more savvy at this, but my first thought is how you may be setting your cue points.

Did you know that you can play your slide from the bottom of the timeline and hit 'C' each time you want a cue point?

Check out this blog post and I look forward to seeing how others accomplish this more efficiently as well. 

Sarah MacDonald

I'm not completely sure what your goal is, but one trick that I've used in the past is to add a layer and call it "exit."  On that layer, I copy everything from the main timeline, but make the timeline very short - under a second -  and add the exit animations there, and cue up the next page 'when timeline ends.' That way you can trigger the exit layer as needed! 

Hope that's helpful!