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May 20, 2013

Hi everyone

I'm building a course in Storyline and have included several quizzes.

The results slide shows the percentage score for the quizzes. I'd like to include the actual answers that the user has chosen (e.g. multiple choice) or input (e.g. text entry) on the results slide.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to do this please?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mark,

Not sure how to get these onto the Results slide. Is there a reason you'd want them there? Depending on the number of questions it could get pretty crowded.

Are you aware that the Review quiz button does allow Learners to review the answers? They see what they answered as well as the correct responses. You probably already know that, but...just in case!

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Mark: Welcome to the forum. You can do that by selecting "show correct/incorrect responses" which is under options in the result slide properties tab. (See screen shot below.) Here's a tutorial that shows you how to edit quiz feedback properties. http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/adding-result-slides.aspx

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nathan,

Since this is an old post I'm not certain that Mark is subscribed, but you could use the "contact me" feature on his profile to reach out to him directly. Hope that helps - and you may also want to share a bit more information here in regards to what behavior you'd like to see so that the community and staff can weigh in with some ideas. 

Nathan Rightmer

Thanks Ashley. I have attached a file that was created by an Articulate Storyline staff member and was wanting to emulate.  Basically, we will be using a slider with text to allow learners to select their response. What I was hoping to do is to display their text response on a results page.

I thought a possible workaround might be assigning each text response a number (1,2,3,4,5, etc.) and then creating a variable so every time someone moved the slider to the corresponding text, a layer would show with their text response.

Does that make sense? Please let me know if you have any ideas of how to perform this. Thanks! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nathan,

Yes, you could totally set it up to do that - and it looks like you've got the start of it here. Just an FYI, I saw a results variable (%ResultsAnswer%) on your results slide, but that is not the results score or similar and I didn't see triggers to adjust this particular variable based on what the user has selected. 

Nathan Rightmer

Thanks Ashley! I actually did not adjust these slides at all yet based on the staff member who created them.  I'm new to Articulate and I'm still trying to grasp how to use variables.  Could you tell me how to set this up with variables so each time the slider is dragged to a certain point (i.e. Poor, Below Average, Average, etc.) the learner's choice is displayed on a results slide? I would very much appreciate it! Thank you! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nathan,

Sure - sorry for the delay. Design set ups sometimes take me longer to get back to when answering support related queries. 

It's fairly easy to set up based on this sample file, so I set it up for the Poor and Below Avg answer. Take a look at the triggers added and then the variable reference I included on the "results slide".  The variable for %UserAnswer% is just a new one I created to capture those values. 

Andrea Zwaschka

Hello Nathan!

I wanted to figure this out as well which is how I stumbled across this thread. The options posted here weren't producing exactly the results I was looking for, but I figured it out (and subsequently squealed with delight)! I didn't use any variables, just a series of results slides and state change triggers. If you're still looking for a solution, keep reading.

I had the same problem as Mark and Nathan. I was creating a course that would act as an employee self-assessment, so on the last slide I wanted the employee to be able to see the statements they selected about themselves and what they rated themselves on those statements. I also needed it all on one slide, so they could easily print it out or save it as a PDF for their manager to reference during their performance reviews. 

Basically, I listed all related statements on a freeform pick one slide and assigned arbitrary points to each statement. I then created a results slide for that statement that the learner would never see. Once the learner selects the statement that best describes them, they are taken to the next slide to select at what level they think they perform that statement. I then set up arbitrary points for the ratings that are sent to another results slide the learner will never see. In all, I have 6 statement slides each with their own results slide, and each of the 6 slides have their own rating slide with 3 options for the learner to choose from. These rating slides all go to a results slide as well. Finally, I created a final results slide that pulls from all the other results slides. This final result slide is seen by the learner and shows the selections they made.

To get the right selection and rating to show up on the results slide, I use a series of states. All of the content on this results slide is hidden when the timeline starts and their state changes to normal based on the results compiled from the hidden results slides. Basically, "Show statement A if results1 is equal to 1. Show statement B if results1 is equal to 2." and so on. Since there is no easy way to explain the functionality, I've attached a template you can download.

I hope that made even a little bit of sense. Feel free to ask me questions!

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