Quiz Failing in Storyline 360

May 06, 2021


I'm looking for some help.  I have a 10 question quiz, with the value for each question set at 10.  I have the passing % set at 80% - the learner can get 2 questions wrong.  However, when I've tried this myself, getting 2 questions wrong, I fail the course - It tells me my score was 80%, with the passing grade 80% - not sure why it is failing me with this score.  I also adjusted the passing grade down to 79% and re-took the quiz and got 2 wrong = 80% - it still failed me.  Not sure why this is happening.  If I get one wrong it will pass me at 90%.  Would appreciate your help.


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Mcgem Minoc

Hello Geraldine,

Thanks for reaching out! I'd love to help.

As I understand, it seems your course only passes when scores are greater than 80%.
I did a quick course to try and replicate how the results slide can give the wrong pass/fail layer as expected. I suspect that the conditions on your success or failure triggers might have been changed. By default, when you insert a result slide, the triggers should look like this:

I'm thinking maybe your 'success trigger' condition is to show layer 'success' if Results.ScorePoints is > Results.PassPoints. Or vice versa, your 'failure trigger' might be showing if Results.ScorePoints is <= Results.PassPoints which is why the course failed an 80 score. I also suggest maybe try to re-insert a result slide just to test the default options.

I'm hoping this can help you out.