Quiz for multiple departments

Hi there,

I'm building a module in Storyline that will be rolled out to different areas of the business. The module focuses on five areas of compliance, some of which will be more relevant to some parts of the business than others. I will be using triggers etc., so that, is one section is more relevant to a particular department, that team will have further slides to go through, while other teams will not. (Hope this is making sense!)

My idea is to include questions for each compliance area and, ideally, to tailor these questions to the departments concerned.

Ideally, what I want to avoid is having to build a separate module for each part of the business, so any pointers would be appreciated!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Richard

do you need to report the quiz scores to an LMS?If so, it's a little tricky if not it's quite easy.

I am working through an example now where each department has it's own quiz and result slide, but because you can only use one result slide to report to the LMS it get's a little tricky.  I am sure the heroes will chime in here to help but in the meantime I am working through something that I could definitely use down the track as well.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Richard - You can make each compliance section into its own scene, add results slides at the end of each quiz, and if needed for tracking (as Wendy stated) you could use one final results slide at the end of the course that reports from the other results slides. For your reference, please check out these links on Adding Results Slides and Creating a Results Slide