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I have a number or Storyline quizzes in a Moodle subject.  The quiz works well and is out of 10 points. For example the student gets a score at the end from Storyline e.g. 6/10 or 60%.  The problem is that when the student clicks on the next button in Moodle they are then told they got 600%.  At the same time in the Gradebook in Moodle everyone gets 10/10.  In the Quiz report the lecturer can see the result of 60%.  

It seems that the Quiz result is not being passed through to the Grade book.  

Has anyone else had this problem and managed to solve it?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lilian, 

Sounds like some odd behavior, but I haven't heard of Moodle doing this before. We have a number of community members who are well versed in Moodle, so I hope they'll chime in to help you here. Have you connected with the Moodle team to see why the reporting doesn't match what you said is on the results slide? 

Dan Marsden

I presume your reference to 600% is a typo and you mean 60% ?

I'd suggest you check that the maximum grade setting in Moodle is set to 100 and not anything lower, also that the grading method in Moodle is set to "Highest grade"

Also check your attempts grading setting - if that is set to highest attempt and your student has made multiple attempts it will show the attempt they made with the highest attempt.

Also - you didn't mention the Moodle version you are using - if you're using an older version of Moodle it could be causing the problems as well - (especially if you're using an older 1.9 release)

Lilian Austin

Thanks Dan for your response.

My reference to 600% was correct.  Whilst I am in the actual Storyline interaction I get a result of 6/10 or 60% (on the results slide).  Then after exiting the activity, Moodle throws up a screen which says 600%.  By the way it is Moodle 2.3.

Why is the maximum grade 100 when the quiz is out of 10?  That seems counter intuitive.

Our university LMS team have looked into this and they have said it seems to be unsolvable.  I think what they actually mean, as with so many things in Moodle world, that nobody anywhere wants to take responsibility for certain aspects of Moodle dis-functionality.  I would love to continue to use Storyline for quizzes rather than the terrible quiz tool in Moodle but will need to be able to get the results into the grade book.

Dan Marsden

can you provide a screenshot of the Moodle page that shows 600% ? -

also - turn Display attempt status to "on" and provide a screenshot of the SCORM entry page which has the button to enter scorm - it will show the attempt status and information on how the grade is caclulated (with display attempt status turned on)

Usually the score passed from the package is a percentage - not a fixed value - so a mark of 10 in your package may result in a mark of 100% passed from the SCORM package to the LMS - do you have the maximum grade set to "10" or "100" ?