Quiz issue with multiple scenes in one file

Jun 16, 2022


I'm working on a training that starts with a "select your language" page as scene 1 and then 8 languages as separate scenes using branching underneath.

Each of these languages contains 5 questions out of which the user needs to answer at least 4 to go to the final page (80%). I have added a "Result slide" in each language scene that does the calculations. When you fail, you see the fail layer with a button that restarts the course.

Back when the languages where in separate files this was working fine, but now that they are merged I can't get an accurate result because it seems like the standard "Results.Scorepoint'" and "Result.Passpoint" variables take the quiz in each language into account despite my settings so you always fail.

My Quiz settings state that for the Result Page in the English scene for example, only those questions should be considered. 

I have tried the "Only score viewed questions" but with that enabled you always seem to pass. I also set each page to reset to initial stage as well but it makes no difference. And I changed the "Restart Course" trigger on the fail page to  "Reset Results" + a trigger that brings you to p1 of the relevant scene. All of this with no luck.

Anyone any idea what I need to do here?






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Raj S

Hi Chiel,

There is a workaround for this . Try below options.


Option 1- Separate each languages in separate scorm packages and create SSO with language selection page.

Option 2 - Keep the current structure as it is and create custom javascript function in each language result page to push the score to LMS.






Luciana Piazza

Hello Lacy!

I'm sorry to hear you are running into this issue with your Quiz as well.

Have you had a moment to try the workarounds that Raj suggested above? If so, what were your findings? 

If you are still having difficulty, please share your project files in this forum or privately in a support case. 

Have a great afternoon!