Quiz-Only able 2 see feedback 2nd time if user answers incorrectly

Hello Heros,

here is a little puzzler for you:

I've got a quiz question set up...a simple "pick one" with three options (horizontally arranged radial buttons) with only one attempt. When the user selects their answer, they click a submit button, and the feedback comes up in a popup on its own layer. There is an "X" on the feedback popup that closes the layer, and allows the user to navigate to the next page in the course.
The client has asked that if they navigate back to this quiz page, it resumes the saved state (the radial button the selected is still selected), and to see their feedback again the user should simply click the submit button once more. Here is where my problem is. 

If the user selects the incorrect response, (and hits submit, views their feedback, closes the feedback window and continues through the course), there is no issue with returning to the page and hitting the submit button again to view the feedback a second time. BUT... if the user selects the correct answers (and presses submit and views their feedback, closes the feedback window, continues through the course) and then returns to the page, they can no longer click the submit button to view the feedback. 

Why is this? Where does that discrepancy happen? 
The correct and incorrect layers all have the same triggers and properties.

I hope someone out there has an answer for this! 



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sarah,

How about setting the option on the feedback layer itself to Resume Saved State? If you want to have that feedback displayed for learners, then they wouldn't need to open the layer again. They could continue from the layer itself to the next slide or slides, and when they return to the quiz question, they'll see the feedback that was last shown.

If this is an option that will please your client and work for you, you will also want to remove the trigger that closes the layer. 

I've attached a really quick (nothing special) example, just in case this sounds like something that might be an option.