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Aug 21, 2014

Hi Rebecca,

I am freshly posting this query here.

I worked on this a bit more and added the Try Again functionality to it.

Now the number of attempts in this question a user is allowed are 2.

How can we show the correct answers after the 2 incorrect attempt and then we can move to the next slide and so on.

I have attached a latest file for your reference. Please help me with this.



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ashish sharma


Some of the issues with this approach:

1. If I use any indicators or even a separate layer, the Submit button is still enabled and can be clicked.

2. I want to restrict the interaction to 2 attempts, then show correct answer and then the user can move to the next slide.

3. If there is a standard solution, I can use it across various question types.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ashish,

I didn't see this ... or at least saw your post back at the initial thread earlier and placed an answer there.

My solution is a bit more convoluted than Michael's and one of the reasons is for exactly what you stated in number one: wanting to create this in a way that the submit button is no longer available. I'd been asked a similar question some time back and noticed that issue.

Pranali Chaudhari

Hi Ashish,

I have done some changes with your file, like I have created custom feedback and added one more layer for correct answer. or you can directly show correct answer layer on timeline start of the incorrect layer. hope it will be helpful for you. I have attached modified your file.



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