Quiz question numbering- automatically upping every time a learner selects replay

Jun 09, 2021

I have a course with a variable quiz question numbering built into the final assessment.  It adds 1 each time the learner reaches a page - set to trigger when the timeline begins.  I have it clear at the beginning, on review and retry - but if the learner hits the replay button on the seek bar - it is causing the timeline to begin again and add a number to my quiz questions...and before you say - well why do you have a timeline on a quiz question...it is because on too many courses (in any number of computers, browsers and LMSs including articulate review) we occasionally get a partial load of a slide and the remainder of the slide shows only a blue or white screen (usually blue) and they only foolproof method to clear the partial load is to grab the seek bar and bam it fixes it every time. So back to my question - is there any set of variables I can use to prevent my numbering from increasing every time a learner decides to get handsy with the course and click the replay button.  I was playing around with the insert slide numbering - but I am only seeing slide that are in the menu and my quiz questions don't show up in the menu so they keep registering 0 (might be user error)  but I am thinking if that variable changes on a timeline starts trigger it might have the same issue.  Any ideas and help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Ren Gomez

Hi Laura,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your scenario! It sounds like you're using the slide numbers feature based on the player menu order, and that's why you're seeing a 0. You can try using Project Order instead to number any slides excluded from the menu.

Also, you can choose to exclude slides if you only wanted to number certain slides in your course. Take a look and see if these adjustments will work for you!