Quiz Result Output: Storyling vs. Studio '09

We are currently using Studio '09 and are using the email functionality to capture the quiz results, and send them to our Training & Development team to be manually recorded.  We are starting a project to develop an LMS, and I found a post with instructions for capturing the results and writing them to a database instead of sending them in the email, which will automate our process.  We are now considering upgrading to Storyline, so I'm looking into the main technical differences between the two products, so that I can update the technical design and requirements for our project, if needed.  I have read that the email functionality for sending quiz results is no longer available with Storyline, but that there is an interface to various LMSs.  Is there is a way to programatically extract the quiz results and write them to a database?



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Brian Fiscus

Thanks Peter, the other thread you mention was helpful.  I see the variables on the results slide for "Your Score" and "Passing Score", and it sounds like I can reference those variables from a javascript file that I create.  Are the other metrics that were included within the email functionality in Articulate '09 still available?  The output in that system included information about the individual questions - date, time, score, interaction id, objective id, interaction type, student response, result, weight and latency.  Are these measures still available in Articulate Storyline?