Quiz results: All user to review quiz

Mar 14, 2013

I've got ten quiz questions throughout the course content.

The results slide has an option checkbox "Allow user to review quiz".

What is the behavior of this box if it is checked, or not, when the quiz questions are spread throughout the content?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Sam, 

It looks like by default, if you have quiz questions spread throughout a course, with non-quiz content slides placed between the questions, the non-quiz content slides also appear during the quiz review. 

I'm not seeing a way to review only the quiz slides, which I think would be a helpful option, so I'll add a feature request

Is that what you're asking, or did I miss the point?

Sam Carter

I think the best solution is to disallow review, but I wonder what the behavior would be like if the learner used the navigation menu to navigate back to a page with an answered question?  Best solution would be that the question would display, but not allow a retry.  That sounds like a "review" to me, which is disallowed.  

I am thinking myself in circles trying to figure out the behavior of these options in this situation.

I'll do some testing to figure out what's what.

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