Quiz Results Percent

Mar 20, 2024

Hi Hero's, 

Seem to be having a problem with the quiz result slide. I built a course with 49 quiz questions. Some are multiple choice, Multiple selection, Drag and Drop, and Select one formats. I checked each and correct answer will give you 10 points. The results slide is set up to be a pass of 80%. I've gone through the course and answered all questions correctly, however the results slide gave me 91.66 % not 100%. Would anyone know what might be causing this?

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Adam Zamczyk

there may be multiple causes, I would start my checks with the Result slide, then each question setup (especially the drag and drop slides), each question should give 10 points for correct. 
I would love to help but it is difficult to figure out without seeing the Storyline file -if possible share it here and I can take a look.