Quiz results slide not showing in player or preview

May 14, 2024


I've added a quiz and quiz results slide to my storyline.  I can see the quiz results slide in storyline view, but when I go to player or preview it doesn't show.  I have added the slide in player and clicked save, but each time it disappears.  I'm not sure what to do to stop this from happening.  I have read tutorials, but nothing seems to address this. Can anyone help?


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Andrew Hanley

Clare, you say "it disappears". Im guessing by that you mean it shows briefly, then vanishes and you are left with just a white slide area within your Storyline Player window? Is that right?

If so, then a trigger or timeline must be causing the Player to move on to a blank slide, or display a blank layer, or something like that. It's not likely to happen without some instruction somewhere making it happen.

Thats the most likely culprits anyways!