quiz review: mark complete only after review is complete

Hi, I've been looking all over trying to find an answer to this problem.

I have a 10 question quiz that the user needs to get at least 80% to pass. If the learner passes, we want to make sure they review the questions they got incorrect (if any) before marking them complete. Is there a way to force them to review the questions they got incorrect before marking them complete? They don't need to see the ones they got correct.

This is only needed for users who pass. If they fail, they don't need to review the quiz. Is this possible? 

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Christie Pollick

I see, M -- Thanks for the additional information, and unfortunately, I am not aware of a way in which to accomplish what you have described, so I will need to defer to the community to assist you further. You would also be welcome to reach out for some possible suggestions over in our Building Better Courses forum, as well.