Quiz review - with menu's disabled

Aug 27, 2020

I have created a course with navigation controls switched off using my own custom buttons. I have come to put a quiz in at the end and im having a few issues.

I tried putting 'next' buttons on each quiz question with their initial state set to hidden with a trigger on each slide to change state to 'normal' if variable 'review' changed to 1. I then set a trigger on the review button to change the variable to 1 if pressed. For some reason the state of the button isn't changing once in the review screen. Not sure if this has anything do with the questions being drawn from the question bank and not living in the same scene as results slide, but I was under the impression that variables carry across the project?

Is there a way round this through triggers or is it possible to turn navigation controls on JUST for reviewing quiz results whilst leaving it off for the rest of the content? 

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Garth Yorko

It looks like you needed a different trigger on the quiz base layers.

You changed the variable Review on slide 1.5.  Therefore, the variable does not change on slides Q1.1 through Q1.5

Use the trigger below on each quiz base layer instead:

Change the State of Marker 1 to Normal when the timeline starts on this slide if the variable Review = 1.

I attached my edited file for you.

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