Quiz score issue

Hello All - I have a course with 3 identical quizzes, but 1 set of content.  The objective is to give learners chance to test out...if they pass quiz 1, they're done, if they fail quiz 1 they go to content and then Quiz 2.  The flow works no problem, but I can't get my LMS to record the score.  SL Tracking only allows to choose 1 Results slide, or multiple if I want to add the points (I do not want to add the points).  Any suggestions?  Thinking I have to add JS on each results slide, but I don't know what code to execute to send the score to my LMS.  Unless there's a different way to record the score (trigger to submit results doesn't record score in my LMS due to Tracking limitation when publishing)

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Shiela Marie Marcos

Hi Sharon, if all the quizzes are identical, you could probably simplify the course by controlling how the learner navigates back and forth between the content and a single quizzing scene. This will depend heavily on triggers, variables, and conditions but it should meet the requirements (if I understood them correctly), of only tracking the learners last attempt at the quiz.

In the sample below, I've used three scenes that use the same quizzing slide, and a trigger with conditions on the result slide that will direct the learner to a scene depending on how many times they have failed the same test.

If you're comfortable attaching your .story file here that would make it a lot easier to see exactly how everything is all set up in your course.