Quiz slide - not able to select option B

Apr 12, 2013


One of my quiz slide is not working. The quiz question below, when viewed live and in preview, does not allow me to click on answer option B. I have set the shuffle answers to 'none' and thought perhaps the multiple choice element should sit on top of other elements on the timeline, but that still did not work. Please help. 

 Pardon me if this topic has already been posted elsewhere on this forum. If so, please direct me to the right post.

Thank you,


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Tria,

There is a small side-effect (admittedly a nuisance) every time you try to change the formatting of your multiple choices. so that they are displayed in columns. The left-most answer somehow still takes 100% of the width if you edit the dimensions of the caption, thus overlapping the answer in the right column.

Just click on your left-most answer (that would be "A") and reduce the width to 50%. And then don't change the caption dimensions again (otherwise it will come back somehow).

Hope this helps,

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