Quiz timer acting a bit odd...

Jun 24, 2013

Good evening Heroes!

Okay, so I am building an admittedly very large and complicated module which features 9 separate quizzes. Each quiz is pulling a number of random questions from its own bank of questions, has unlimited attempts, no feedback (exam styleeeee), review without correct answers and so on.

It also should have a time limit of 30 minutes for each attempt....

Not a problem then... Edit results slide, set timer to 30 minutes from first question, elapsed out of total.

All good so far until I tested the whole thing out...

  • Attempt one the timer functions as expected
  • Failed the exam (boohoo) went to review the answers - hang on, the timer is still running!
  • Bit odd but fair enough...
  • Start another attempt, hang on a minute - the timer hasn't reset itself and is still counting down the original 30 minutes!
  • Eeek! Okay I fail that attempt as well and jump back out to the module homepage (not even the same scene as the exams)
  • WHAT? The timer is still there in the player and counting - I'm running out of time!
  • Maybe if I start a different exam...
  • Arrgghhh! My original 30 minutes are up and now the slides are totally illegible - all the formatting has gone screwy!

Anybody got any ideas why my timer hates me?


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Mike Walters

I think you may be right :(

Whilst trying to find a solution I switched the timer off in only one of the results slides and it was still there in the preview. This leads me to believe that the issue therefore may be something to do with multiple timers in the one module.

As soon as I switched them off in all of the results slides the timer was no more...


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mike! Thanks for your post and the very detailed description of the problems that you are having.  This issue has recently been reported to our Quality Assurance Team for review.  At this time I do not have a workaround solution nor do I have a time frame of when this issue will reach resolution. (The issue seems to be centered around the question bank though if that helps you find a work-around.) 

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