Quiz Timer with Question Banks

Mar 29, 2018

I'm working on a quiz that's set up with many question banks in Storyline 3. Since we disabled the submit button the passing score results out of the points of all visited question slides. There are 120 questions in total, the learner answers 40 of them and the passing score relies on these 40 answered questions. Perfectly fine.

But I also need the quiz to be limited to 60 minutes. When the learner finishes the quiz before the time limit ends the passing score is still ok (40 questions, 2 points each, passing score 50% or 40 points). But when the learner doesn't reach the end he can still pass the quiz (example 30 visited questions, 20 of them correct, passed since 66% percent was correct and 50% is the passing score). I need the not visited 10 questions to count as wrong and be included in the passing score.

I know how to set a trigger on the results slide to failure/success layers to show the learner what I want him to see. But I also need the right information transferred to our LMS (100% for passed, 0% for failed).

I'm happy for any kind of ideas.

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