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Peter Anderson

Hi ID, 

Yep, Quizmaker '09 and Storyline should have no problem playing nicely with each other. Can you be a little more specific about the long list of errors you're receiving? Or point me to a thread where they've been discussed?

How are you going about importing the quizzes? Anything different than the suggested method here

Thanks for any further info you can provide!

Connie Malamed

I saw a few threads like this earlier so I just thought this was a known issue. Here's one :http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/23383/128318.aspx#128318

When I import according to the instructions, using files from a local drive, I get the error you can see on this graphic and then no questions get imported. The graphic is attached if you can't see the one I pasted in here. Thanks for your help.

Peter Anderson

Hey ID!

In the case of the link you mentioned, it was discovered that Patricia had one corrupted slide in her quiz file that caused the import to fail. Once that slide was identified and re-created, the quiz imported without issue. Would you like to share your .quiz file with us so we can try to identify the offending issue? We'd be happy to help...


Connie Malamed

Update: I haven't heard back from support, so in the meantime, since this was supposed to be finished yesterday, I'm wondering how one can tell if a QM slide is corrupt? I couldn't tell from the error message that happened with import.

In an effort to debug the situation, I tried importing just one slide from QM and still got the same error. (I tried different single slides.) Hmmmmm.

Connie Malamed

UPDATE: I tried re-importing the questions into a new quiz and then importing into a blank storyline file just to see if that would work and it did. So thank you. Hopefully it will work with the real course when I try that next.

I'm going through the tutorials to see how to create a question bank and to use the randomize functionality. One thing that isn't clear though, is can I use all the question banks as one quiz and get a score that will pass on to the LMS?

Dennis Hall

Hi ID:

In answer to your last paragraph question, "Yes", in fact you can create individual question slides throughout your course (even throughout many scenes) then also have a final exam and have them all collectively scored if you wish.

I have done this, tested it on my LMS, and it reports Completed, and Passed on an 80% passing total grade.

Best Regards,