Quizmaker, no "post-quiz review", need it

Feb 05, 2013

I am building a development team of three people. I had the idea of purchasing Quizmaker and performing all quiz creation and maint. in that program, then exporting for upload into the two seats of Storyline. That model fits my team perfectly.

Trouble: there is no function for "Post-quiz review" slot out of Quizmaker. Yes, probably coming in Quizmaker '13 but that could be 10.5 months from now.

1) is there any way to store and force text in each question in Quizmaker so that when it imports into Storyline it pops into the "post-quiz review" box?

2) is there any way to export quiz banks from Storyline? If so, I could forget quizmaker and just use a seat of Storyline as the "Quiz master."

3) is there any way for one Storyline project to "see" the quizbank in another project and import it over?

Any creative ideas welcome. Thank you

John Donohue

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John Donohue

Hi Christine, yes in the wee small hours I stumbled on the solution of using one Storyline project as my "QuizMaster" and then importing it into a new project, hitting "none" then picking the bank/questions I wanted.

So therefore, i have no need for Quizmaster, and the only reason I would need it when 2013 version comes out is: mass upload of questions. Man I wish Storyline had that now, Seriously.

Thanks for responding.

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