Quizzes drive me crazy!

Oct 16, 2012

I can create a Quiz Bank.  I can select the questions I want.  I can create a Results page just fine.  What I cannot do, for the life of me, is create a pass the quiz, move to the next slide (if they fail the quiz, they have to retake the test.  I've removed the Next button as that allows them an out of retaking the quiz).

Help.  I just don't know what I am doing anymore.  I thought I had it correct, try it out, and UGH!!!!

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Ashley W

On the results slide, there are layers.  You would want to adjust the pass layer to have a button saying something like "Continue" and then the trigger on that button leading the user on to the next slide.  One the Fail layer, you would want a button that says something like "Retry" and then that button would take them back to the beginning of the quiz.

Julie Kube

Thank you so much for your answers Ashley.  I am still not able to get to the next slide, and I am driving myself crazy.  I wish that I had not just jumped into this without going through each and every tutorial - I was kinda tossed in and told to swim

So, now I am trying to peace-meal things together and go from there.  I just don't know where to go right now.  LOL

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Julie, from your description, I can't really tell where you are get stuck but I think it might be how you have set up your Player Trigger.

The PlayerTrigger says Jump to 2.4 Untitled slide when user clicks the next button if the pass points are equal 100.  I think this should be Results.ScorePoints . (not Results.PassPoints) because right now this trigger is saying if the number of points a user needs to pass is 100, jump to slide 2.4 when the user clicks the next button so it does not matter what the user actually scores.

Also, unless you only want them to be able to jump to slide 2.4 if they get perfect on the quiz, you might want to change this to If Results.ScorePoints are greater than or equal to Results.PassPoints.

Hope this helps. 

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