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Ren Gomez

Hi Marianne,

Here's an excellent overview of Question Banks in Storyline 360 and reviews how to use the same question bank to create multiple draws or "quizzes" so you don't have to duplicate the questions.

If you like using Quizmaker 360 though, you can always import the questions into Storyline 360 and use them in your courses. Here's a tip in the article mentioned: 

Question groups that are randomized in Quizmaker will be imported into Storyline as question banks. Question groups that aren't randomized in Quizmaker will be imported into Storyline as individual slides in the selected scene.

Tracy Deline

Hi Ren,

I successfully imported my (huge) Quizmaker question groups into Storyline, but now Storyline won't do the random selection of questions the way it should (and did in Quizmaker). Is there an additional setting or something that I need to change in Storyline?  It says that it's going to draw the required 10 questions from each group, but then it simply doesn't.