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I have four radio buttons as part of a self assessment. The user may press one or more buttons as applicable:

Because they may be required to press more than one button I have not created a button set. I have however set a modes of travel variable and set it to score a value for each radio button that is selected:

So far so good. My problem is if I have an indecisive user and they then deselect the button the score remains unchanged and if they are really indecisive and select it again the score will once more be added, thereby producing a false score.

My question is can another trigger be added to take the added value away if the button is deselected and can i prevent the score being added more than once. A simple answer would be to set another trigger as above with minus 5 if deselected but that option is not available in the drop down list.

Any suggestions or advice as always much appreciated


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Phil Mayor

From a UI point of view if you want more than one to be selected you should use checkboxes.  Users get used to common conventions using radio buttons you break those conventions

I also find it easier to add these type of triggers onto the next/submit button based on the selected state this way you don't have to worry if the select or unselect an option.

Paul Brennan

Phil, Thanks for that. Good point re: the checkboxes.

I have managed to stop it counting multiple clicks by adding a true/false variable. Just haven't been able to figure out yet how to reset it to 0 if the user deselects the checkbox.

I will try and get my head around incorporating the triggers into the next/submit button.

Paul Brennan

Phil, we got there in the end. It seems obvious now but yes i did need to move the jump to next slide trigger to the buttom to allow the other triggers to activate.

One problem i did find though was it was adding the all scores regardless of whether the boxes had been ticked so i added an extra true/false variable to activate once the checkbox had been clicked and that sorted it out.

Thanks once again for your help. Thanks to yourself and the rest of the community i am getting my head around variables but it is a slow process

James Peters

Phil -- just wanted to tell you that I also learned something very valuable from this thread! I was attempting to adjust a variable (the score) based on whether or not a series of radio buttons had been selected, and I wanted learners to be able to change their minds as they progressed through the slides. By putting the trigger that increments the score on the final slide let me evaluate every choice across 4 slides all at once. Very helpful!