Random Branching - Looping Issue

Hi all,

I am currently making an articulate storyline project that contains random branching using the Question Bank method that Jeanette has given a tutorial on.

The issue I am facing is:

The "Draw from Random Question Bank" function has selected a random question and plays it (I have seven questions total.) At the end of each random question, I have triggered each scene to jump to a slide that feeds in to the random question bank (so it will continue over and over again, making a self playing, randomized file.)

Instead of selecting a different, random question each time, it will continually select the same question over and over again, looping it indefinitely.

Due to NDA, I cannot show the content I am using, but is there any way to alleviate this based on what I have described?

My functions for the "Draw from Random Question Bank" are as follows:

Draw questions randomly is checked.

Includes: "All" questions

Each question is set to "Randomly" in the "Include in Shuffle" menu

and the trigger on the "Draw from Random Question Bank" slide is

Action: Jump to slide

Slide: next slide

When: user clicks

Object: next button

Again, i want this to be a self-sustaining video that just chooses random content and continues to play indefinitely. Is this possible? Thanks! 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allison and Dennise and welcome to Heroes!

I believe that since you're telling it to jump back to the same slide, it's treating it as a revisit, therefore it's always giving you the same question. What you could do, is insert a blank slide that the Question bank will jump to (on that slide, set a trigger to jump to next slide when the timeline starts, so that you never see the blank slide) and then insert another Question bank slide. There is no guarantee that this will pull a new question each time (especially with a group of 7) as it's treated as a new instance, not a continuation of the previous but for your users perspective, they should get random order of questions than their peer who they're sitting next too. You'll have to set this up for every instance that you want a new question - so if they'll need to do a total of 7 questions..it's a lot of set up. 

Is there a reason why you don't use the randomized feature, include all questions - and let them cycle through it as normal using the built in jump to next slide (it will pull another question)? 

jyothi sita

Hi All,

I am having the similar problem what Dennis has shared. When picking randomly from a question bank it only does the first time, but whenever i retake the "test" from the same bank I get the same question over again. Here we would like to randomize all the questions for every attempt. 

Appreciate your help...!



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jyothi,

Are you viewing the HTML5 content with the randomization? There was a recent issue reported to our QA team where the question bank stops drawing randomly on the third and subsequent attempts, but I don't have any further information regarding a fix or workaround. If you're not viewing the HTML5 content, could you share your .story file here with us so that we can take a look?  If you're unable to share in the forums you can send it to me at this link (you'll want to include at the beginning of the description the following so that it comes to me ::ashley::  ).