Random Font Issues

Jul 29, 2019

Hi all, 

I just received an email from a learner that the font is showing up strangely in his course. He sent along this screenshot. 

Most of our learners use Chrome, and I noticed he was using IE. I quickly pulled it up on our LMS using IE, but did not find the same issue. Here's how it displays for me.

We've had this happen previously for a different learner on a different course where the font was scrambled for her and she couldn't read it. At the time, we had several people nearby double-check and she was the only one with the issue. Since it was an isolated event, and she blamed an old computer, we just moved on. 

But now that it's happened again, I wonder what is causing it and if there's something I can do to prevent/fix it. 

My thought was perhaps that I'm not seeing the issue because it's a specific font from our Marketing Dept that I have loaded on my computer but others do not. However, when that didn't affect the other nearby learners (who do not have the font installed), I scrapped that as the potential problem. 

Any ideas? 



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Ren Gomez

Hi Katie,

Sorry to hear this is causing an issue for your learners, and thanks for sharing those screenshots. We have seen an issue with users who have the font download option disabled in Internet Explorer.

Our team confirmed that this was specific to an IE setting for fonts with HTML5 output, and as such you'll want to have them enable the Font Download Setting in Internet Explorer to overcome the issue.

Hope this helps! Let us know if this isn't the case, and we'll figure out next steps!

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