Random Number Generator

Feb 20, 2023

Please help! Is there a way to set up a bank of random numbers inside my Storyline?  I need to randomly generate 100 unique numbers.  After the learner completes a course, they would click on "generate a secret code" and it would access the bank of random numbers and present them with one. The numbers have to include numbers and a cute phrase such as: 8271BunniesRcute and dogsRgreat3719. I've read through a ton of threads but I can't find anything with a number bank. 

We don't have an LMS so we're going to set this up so that the learner can give us their "secret code" then we can record them as having completed the module.

I'm also open to any other ideas for tracking course completion without an LMS. We want it to be something fun. :)


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Steven Benassi

Hi Darlene!

Great question! I have mostly only seen solutions to generate a random number using Javascript as there is no built-in functionality for Storyline, but this one does use a question bank so it might work for you as well.

Also, I found this resource that explains how to assign a random value to a number variable using triggers.

Hope this helps!

Tom Kuhlmann

You can generate a random number using variables. That's easy enough. You'd probably have to create a random series of text that is connected to a random number. Of course, the code could be anything since it's not really connected to an account.

Here's a training video David did on using number variables.

If you did use a random generator, I'd not use 100 characters as that requires a lot more work.

Here's a post I did a while back that may interest you.