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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Thomasina,

Since you'll be randomizing them, you'll need to set up a variable to determine which question number it is - something like the below should work:

  • Manually create a variable with the type of number, and same it something like "QuestionNumber" with initial value of zero.
  • Next you`ll have to add a trigger to each question to increase the value of "QuestionNumber" by one on timeline start
  • Then you`ll be able to display question number using this syntax in a text field  
  • Question %QuestionNumber%   (if you want to indicate out of how many you can list it as Question %QuestionNumber% of X Questions - you'll determine what the X is manually based on how many questions you want them to answer
  • Don`t forget to set the value for "QuestionNumber" back to zero if you are giving the learner a choice to redo the test or module
Rosalyn McNeill

Hello Terwilliger

I have an issue for when the end-user clicks "Review Quiz" my "QuestionNumber" continues to count in this view.  I'm using a question bank of 25 out of 78 and when the end-user reviews the quiz it starts at 26 to 50 and keeps counting every time they click the "review quiz" .  Is there a way to turn this off.