randomizing questions when returning to a draw from bank slide

Jun 27, 2012

I think I posted this is the wrong place earlier, so I'm putting it here now. I'm new at all this

I have a bank of non-question slides with sample sentence fragments for students to study. I'd like a student to be able to keep going through the examples until she's ready to move on. Each banked slide has a sample fragment, a "I'd like another example" button, and an "I'm ready to move on" button (triggered to jump to another scene). I've got a random draw of all the banked slides. If a student finishes the whole list, I have a slide asking her if she'd like to study the samples some more. If she says yes, I send her back to the slide that draws from the bank of samples.

However, when I do that, the sample fragments show up in the same random order as they did the first time. Is there a way to reset something so the draw comes out differently no matter how many times a student goes back to the draw from the bank slide? Each sample sentence slide already has "set to initial state" checked for when revisiting. I just can't find any "set to initial state" option for the draw slide itself.

I discovered that if I made another draw from the bank slide, that would show things in a new order. However, if a student wanted to keep studying after this one, I'd have the same problem. I'm really interested in allowing a student to review indefinitely until she's ready to move on, and I'd like as much variety in the order of sample sentences as possible. I'd greatly welcome any suggestions. Thanks!

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Adrian Dean

Hi Dorothy,

Sorry that it has taken so long for someone to get back to you. I am new as well and will play with the tutorial I found to see if I get the same problems you do when it comes to randomizing.

Here is the link for the tutorial:


Hope this helps,


Joanna Pearce

Are there any new updates on this?

I am having similar problems. I want the learner to go to the slide where the question bank is set, answer 1 question which is drawn randomly, then if they get the question wrong, they re-enter the slide with the question bank and get a new question displayed.

Every time I go back to the question bank slide at the moment, the same question is showing.

I am very interested to know if this has been fixed or if there is a work around to get this working.

Berno van Soest

I've been looking for the same funtionality.

As a work aroundI duplicate the draw-from-bank slide and it's results slide.

I added a slide before the branch. Depending on the user score I start the first quiz, if score = 0, or the second one, if score > 0.

Assuming the score is 0 when the user enters and get's a least one question correct so the score will be greater than 0 for the user to enter the second quiz.

Gabriele Dovis (italgo)


we had a same situation to solve with a customer, and I worked together with David Anderson, finding a solution that might work also for you.

Here is what we needed to do:

  • visit slide UNO
  • offer a question - if the user gives the right answer (in our example is always "A"), he can go on directly to the following slide (DUE). If he get the wrong answer, he comes back to slide UNO
  • the question is always randomized
  • every question has a 60 seconds timer, if the user lets the time finish, he go directly to the previous slide (in this example this is not working due to a problem with the timer feedback, but has been lately solved removing the timer and using the timeline lenght)

Attached you can find a story file..

HPL Training

I think I have a similar problem with my project.

I have a home slide with 5 buttons on it. When the user clicks on one of the buttons, it jumps to the Question Bank. They answer the question, get some feedback, and then return to the home slide. They will repeat this process for each of the remaining 4 buttons.

Every time they click one of the buttons, I would like them to get a new question - no repeats.

The problem with this is that when clicking the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th button and going to the Question Bank, it shows the questions that were already answered and the user must click Next at least once to get a new question. Is there any way to avoid this? I tried setting all of the quiz slides to advance automatically, but this doesn't allow the user to answer the question (unless they do it right away, before the timeline ends).

Is there a workaround for this?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erika, 

Are your 5 buttons all pointing to the same slide draw slide, or just referencing the same question bank? If the latter, it should pull a random question as you set up, but that means that they could have repeats accessible to them. If you know what questions you'd like as a part of this set up, instead of directing to a slide draw, you could put those 5 questions in their own scene and just link to them directly based on the button the user clicks. 

Jake Holmberg

I am having this issue with my Cars Game. I have the user jump back and forth from the game board slide to question slide, and then if answered correctly their piece moves forward when on the game board slide when they return. I use variable triggers to do all of this, but the questions will not draw new upon revisiting the question slide. 

Do I need to create 50 question slides from a question bank and have the user go to different slide every time?

Any help or direction is GREATLY Appreciated.