Rapid Click Bypassing Triggers

Nov 15, 2022

Next button state set to disable upon start of timeline and set to normal when narration completes. But IF a user rapid clicks they can bypass the hold.

HOW are you stopping that from happening?

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AV Price

Trigger Set state of Next Button to Disabled When the timeline starts on this slide.

IF you are a power clicker, or a rapid clicker on the next button, you can catch it before the trigger kicks in.

Sorry, cannot share a file, gov. I attached a screenshot of trigger panel. But you can do it with any, just set your mouse curser and rapidly click, you can bypass slides.


Jürgen Schoenemeyer

if have made a small example
 - 4 pages (5 seconds timeline), page 2, 3, 4 with big images
 - disabled the next button on timeline starts
 - enabled the next button on timeline ends
 - published with version 3.69


no problem with fast clicking

Judy Nollet

If you're truly concerned about users clicking so fast that they can bypass the partial second it takes for disabling NEXT, then don't use the built-in player navigation. Instead, use custom NEXT buttons on each slide with an initial state hidden. 

Yeah, that's a lot of extra work. Is it worth it? Do you have evidence that people are clicking fast enough to bypass restricted navigation? 

The ideal solution is to convince users it's in their best interest to complete the course, so they won't try to click through without viewing/hearing all the content.

Alternately, see if you can pull time-spent amounts from the LMS, and then tell people that anyone who finishes too fast will be punished.