Re Posting Using a Word Published Storyline file

Can I take a Storyline 360 published file (basically publish it to Word format), edit it in Word, and then import it back into Storyline? The obvious answer is no I cannot because there is no import feature for Word back into Storyline. 

So my second question would be is there another way to make edits in a published file other than working with multiple documents? I've seen this question posted many times with no real resolution, so I'm asking it again.

The way that I would do this is (work with other documents) export the published Storyline file to a Word document make my edits with revisions turned on, save the file, and then go into the Storyline file and reproduce those edits. It's a terrible laborious workaround but I see no other way except to do it straight into Storyline (but without track changes in Storyline which allow others to map your changes I wouldn't want to go that route).

Suggestions - conversations - anything thing? Any discussions going on about this please point me in that direction if necessary. 

Thanks in advance.

Maree Eilman

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Maree,

Have you explored the export for translation feature? This allows you to export to Word, make changes, then re-import the Word document back into Storyline.

Go to the File tab on the Storyline ribbon, scroll to Translation, and select Export to Word. 

The community may have other ideas for editing and tracking changes in Storyline – I'm looking forward to what they'll share with you!