Re-randomize quiz on retry/revisit

I tried searching on this but no answers seemed to reply exactly. I have two great needs for using quizzes with my students. When 1)retrying/revisiting a quiz (with a randomly drawn question bank) and when 2)re-doing a freeform quiz slide (user doesn't know it is a quiz but sees it as interaction) I would like 1)the questions from the question bank and 2)the drag and drop answers to be re-randomized. Otherwise students try the top, then next the middle, then next the last instead of reading or looking at the object to determine the correct answer. Some students also choose to redo these slides/quizzes to get more practice and I need them to be re-randomized for them again for the same reason. This was the reason I avoided Storyline at first because I was told this cannot be done. I am giving it a shot again with 360. I do have it set to return to initial state which is exactly what it does - the exact same question and answer randomizing as before.

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Robin Wooten

This is my project's start. This one uses a random question bank and if the user answers the one question wrong he/she is sent back to the slide prior to the quiz - so will have to redo the quiz. I found some of my students were not using the sound for the modules so this is a way to insure they have their sound on (at least at the start).

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robin! I love that you're already trying Storyline 360! Thanks for sending over your file. After taking a look, it seems like you are trying to achieve 2 things:

  1. Randomize questions in the question bank each time a user takes the quiz.
  2. Shuffle the drag and drop answer choices each time the user views the drag and drop slide.

You can achieve both of those with Storyline 2 and Storyline 360. Since you used Storyline 360 to build your course, I'll linked the Storyline 360 tutorials above.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Robin Wooten

Well - that just has never worked for me in Storyline or Storyline 360 so far. I read the storyline version in the past of those tips and did those things. The question draw is random (I have it set to only draw 1 of many) but upon REVISITING or RE-DOING the slide it is NOT re-randomizing. The same question that was drawn before continues to be drawn unless the user completely leaves the module and redoes it. It is not re-randomizing when returned to in the same experience. Having said that - maybe I am missing some big key component. That could very well be possible. See my example.
This is a big, BIG deal for the students learning the content versus memorizing the test questions so I really hope I am missing something easy. It was a dealbreaker in the past for me with Storyline 2.
Thanks for your help, Robin

Robin Wooten

In this case it would not work because this is a test to see if they are using their sound. If I just shuffled answers they would keep pressing each color until they got to the one that worked - a lot of tries yes but doable. If the question varies randomly then it is almost impossible. They are middle schoolers - they will put a lot o effort into gaming the system.

My experience with the shuffle answer questions has been the same - they are re-shuffled for each NEW experience (meaning once you leave the module an come back) but will remain the same if re-doing the slide without leaving the module. Are you sure this has this changed because I don't want to go to the work if it hasn't?

Thanks for keeping with this