Recommendations for LMS that plays well with SharePoint and Storyline

Jan 05, 2016

Hi there, 

My company is researching Learning Management Systems that integrate well with SharePoint as well as Storyline. We have around 400 employees. Does anybody have any recommendations?

Thanks a lot Heroes!


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Roger Blanchard

We use Absorb, its a good LMS but doesn't sync with our older version of SharePoint. We did get Absorb technical services to create a single sign on between the two.

Depending on your version of SharePoint you can get a LMS plug in for SharePoint? Instead of integrating its just part of it. One place for all you assets. Could be cheaper than buying a full blown LMS.

 Here are 2 examples:


ShareKnowledge LMS by Competentum

Sure there is more but its a start. I find that many corporations buy an expensive SharePoint site than use maybe 25% of it. Plus their is a lot more plug ins for other functions as well. If you have a new version of SharePoint you are well ahead of the game. I would loop in with your SharePoint developer to explore your options. If you go with a LMS plugin for SharePoint just make sure its SCORM compliant for any eLearning courses you want to record.

Pradnya Maske

Here is an option which can work best for you. I say best because this Sharepoint LMS inspite of being well integrated with Sharepoint(any version), can work and carry the same information around even when you change CMS. 
With SharePoint LMS you can store, organize, share and access training information from
LMS within Sharepoint. 
Here is a small features list,

  • Single Sign On (SSO) between SharePoint and LMS
  • User Synchronization
  • Content Creation and Collaboration

Click here for complete information.
Sharepoint LMS

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