Recommendations for Paid Stock Photos for corporate

Hello, E-learning Colleagues and Heroes,

We have been using Storyblocks for our stock photos, but we are near the end of our contract at my organization . We have seen the list of "freebees" from the e-learning heroes site(, but we are  interested in specifically  in finding something that's a pay site for a corporate/enterprise licensed contract.

Our Wish list would include the ability to have download for the  .svg file type , also video files, and also Avatars. The setting would primarily be business professional environments. we would also like the ability to do a character search on  people in these environments so that we may use more than one pose of the actors/actresses.

I know that we may or may not be able to find everything on our wishlist, but we would love to find other options or possibilities. I am guessing we are also not alone in our quest or maybe some of you have found something suitable after doing some serious digging of your own.    

Thank you all for your suggestions, comments and recommendations.

Mike McFarland

Brown & Brown, Inc.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

Have you taken a look at Content Library (part of the Articulate 360 suite of tools)? 

It's a collection of professionally-designed slide templates and relatable characters as well as 3+ million stock assets that dramatically speeds up your course development and wows your audience. We're constantly adding new assets to the library to inspire you and keep your designs fresh. 

The 3+ million stock assets include photos, illustrations, icons, and videos, all designed to work with Articulate authoring apps. Take a look at some other FAQs here!  

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be curious to hear what others in the community are using! 

Michael McFarland

Good Morning Ashley, 

 Thank you for responding so quickly.   We are currently using Articulate Storyline version 3.  Is there a version of Content Library available for the client/server version of SL3 ?

If not, do you know if the character bundles that resided originally in SL2 , can be purchased and installed to work with SL3?

I hope to get a lot more replies.

Thank you again for your assistance,

Mike McFarland

Sara Fromme

We used to use eLearning Art. I like them better than the eLearning Brothers because they're less obnoxious. 

If you're going to buy into an image subscription it makes sense to consider Articulate 360 because it's less expensive and you get the course review and rise applications on top of just Storyline.

Michael McFarland

If anyone is checking back on this posting.  We are now using on a group account.  One of my teammates spent significant time doing some comparison shopping and they had the best situation for our current environment. Thank you all for your suggestions,comments and ideas.