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Cathi Odtohan

Hi Leslie, Based on a previous forum post about PowerPoint Audio here, another user was able to upload both the PowerPoint and audio by saving the .ppt file to another location, in her case the Desktop.

If you save the file on your desktop, locally on your c:\ drive, or a location outside of the OneDrive directory, does the audio import?

Leslie Adams

Thanks Cathi. I am using Windows 10 with OneDrive, so everything on the c:\ drive is also 'on the cloud'. However, when I went back and selected for it to 'always keep on this device', and I reimported it (a 2 slide presentation), the audio imported for one slide, but not the other... I'll keep trying.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Leslie!

We like suggesting a simple repair since a fresh copy of Storyline typically helps in these cases. Admin privileges are needed during this process, but I can appreciate if that's not possible. 

Does the same problem happen if you record audio in Storyline?

In the meantime, let me get this in front of our Support Engineers to see how we can best help from here. I opened a support case on your behalf, so keep an eye out from the team soon!