Recorded Webex not legible (Excel sheet)

Sep 24, 2019

Hi All,

I need urgent help on this one. I am working with two short webex recording that explains some Investment concepts on a spread sheet. On webex , everything including the data looks legible. However, when I "insert the movie clip" --- this video in story line the size reduces to great extend that impacts the quality and the data becomes very tiny and hard to read and follow. 

So far I created a placeholder for the video and attached is the dimension that I am using. Is this correct or should I make any changes?

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Matt Quiban

Hi Manisha,

According to this article, "If images and videos are bigger than your slides, they'll automatically be scaled down to fit, which can result in a loss of quality." That must explain why your videos are not clear or legible when you embed it into your story.

I am unsure if the dimensions you setup for your video is optimal or not, but have a look through that article which has tips on how to work with your recording to better preserve its quality.

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