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Jan 25, 2016


I am currently using the recording function in Articulate however, when I embed the screen shot into storyline the font is quite small. Any ideas on how I can fix this please??

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Preston Ruddell

Hello Deb!  It's a bit difficult to say without seeing the story file. 

I tried doing a screen cast in which I recorded my entire desktop.  I was trying to show how to set up an email account.  The first thing I did was asked the user to click the start button and type the word "outlook" into the search bar on the start menu.  The letters that the user typed were un readable on the default player size (I was using the default 16:9 resolution in storyline).

I came up with two solutions:

  1. Before recording, make sure you adjust the story size to the size of your screen cast (I would make this adjustment then re-record your screen cast if you can).  I couldn't use this for the issue mentioned above, because resizing the story would have messed up the other slides I had created.
  2. Use a zoom region.  I set up a zoom region around the area that was illegible, and it really worked well.  It also allowed me to keep my set story size which prevented me from having to redo all of my other slides.

I hope this helped.  While the first solution didn't help me in my original problem, it's now an invaluable tip that I follow anytime I'm doing screen casts in the future.  I make sure my story size is set for my screen cast BEFORE creating a slide.  I was lucky that the second solution bailed me out of redoing the entire project :).

Deb Stefanac

Perfect thank you so much for your tips..


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