Recurring Animation possibilities in Storyline

Sep 07, 2012


I am working on a "Prize Wheel" scene that acts similarly to a tabs template (each section of the wheel acts as a tab).  I have an animation that makes it look like the wheel is spinning at the beginning of the timeline, and would like that animation to play each time the slide is revisited WITHOUT having to reset the whole slide to initial state.  The reason I don't want it to reset completely is I have checkmarks on each section of the wheel once they are visited, and would lose that if the slide was reset. Another option would be the the wheel spins once an item is clicked.  I am open to suggestions! I just really want that animation to happen more than once.

I have attached the scene I am working on.  The only two sections/tabs that have any content attached are the bottom two: freeBclub and Loading Coupons online.

Looking foward to hearing all your suggestions!



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Adrian Dean

Hi Hailey,

Welcome to Heroes. By having your slide revisiting option set to resume saved state, your entrance animation with the wheel will not work when revisiting. The timeline will have played and with it remembering won't play again. The idea to have the animations go more than once when revisiting using your settings would make a great feature request though.

Always Happy to Help,


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