Reload slide after closing lightbox

Sep 25, 2014

I would like to reload a slide after the user closes a lightbox.

I have three buttons on a main slide: Slide 01, Slide 02, Slide 03. Each will launch a lightbox that opens a scene. Once the user views all slides within the scene she closes the lightbox. I want to show that she has completed the scene by changing the state of the button (a check) on the main slide. I can't just use the visited state because the user has to view all slides in the scene to get credit. So I have a trigger on the last slide of the lightboxed scene to change the state of the button on the main slide. This is all great but the main slide will not reflect this trigger because it will have to reload. Is there a way to close the lightbox AND reload the main slide that originally launched the lightbox? 

Note: I know this won't be possible using the default close button. I plan to address this using a custom close button with text next to the default close button to alert the user to not use it (too bad we can't get rid of this, but that's another matter). 

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Nelson Rokke

Hi Michael,

I was able to accomplish this using the following steps: 

  1. Add a trigger to adjust the variable on the last slide of the lightbox scene (as you suggested) - I used "Set Variable1 equal to True when the timeline ends" 
  2. Add a trigger to change the state of the button linking to the lightbox scene - I used "Change the state of Button 1 to Visited when Variable1 is equal to True"
  3. Open the Slide Properties (Click the gear icon next to the slide layer) dialog box for the main slide
  4. Set the "When Revisiting" option to "Reset to initial state"

Hopefully this works for you - let me know if you have any questions!


Michael Shannon

Upon further inspection this solution does not work for me. In fact, the Visited state is the default state of a button after it is clicked so it will always show visited after you click it, much like the link states of hyperlinks on a web page.

In my original solution I set the button to change to a completed state on the Timeline Start which works perfectly on subsequent pages that include the button (button is greyed out--expected behavior). BUT, the challenge is finding a way to change the button on the same page that launches a lightbox scene upon closing of the lightbox. I appreciate your file and the response Nelson, but I don't think we're there yet. 

I've attached a revised version that has three buttons with the same type of variable (true/false) that triggers the button change. But the blue button uses my solution which you'll see changes to the completed state on subsequent pages after it is clicked. The red and yellow buttons use your solution. All three buttons have a visited (orange) AND a completed  (grey) state. 

Still looking for a solution. 

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