Remove All Player Background - Storyline 2

Jan 30, 2015


I am trying to remove all of the colors on the player background. I wanted this

It looks like her's works, but her player has a few different choices on the Advanced Coloring area than mine does (Storyline 2). I made almost everything 100% transparent but I still am left with a gray background.

Please help!


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Tracie Bosket

Sorry, I didn't see this post. I attached the previews. I see that the boarder doesn't show when I publish the project YES!

Here is the follow up question... How can I create the course so it fills the entire screen when the screen is maximized?  


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracie, 

So if their screen size, is smaller than what you've set your story size too, then they may see the scroll bar no matter what as it'll be too big to display in a normal maximized browser. 

If their screen size is similar/larger than what you set as the story size, than they likely shouldn't run into any issues with scroll bars. 

Again, some of this is also dependent on the other settings you choose in terms of how the player/browser will scale - so to ensure your users are seeing the course at the size and dimensions you'd like, I'd recommend setting the story size to match the majority of users screen size (say a normal laptop screen), the player to be locked at the optimal size, and then resize browser to optimal size (close to the player) or to resize the browser to fill the screen. 

Hope that helps. 

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