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Jan 05, 2017

I have a freeform select-one quiz with 2 buttons. Each button (simple shapes with text) has 3 states: Normal, Hover and Selected. None of these states have a glow applied to it. During runtime, no glow appears during the quiz on any of the states. Once the user has selected and submitted an answer however, a small glow appears around the answer they selected. I am stumped as to how to get rid of these. I have messed around with the theme colors and am unable to remove it. I am attaching 2 screenshots of the buttons after the question has been submitted. In one, you can see the slight glow on the red shape that was clicked. It is more difficult to see it on the black shape. But you can see when the black shape is clicked, there is no glow on the red shape. Any help would be appreciated!@



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jacqui,

I'm having a hard time seeing it on either... :(  But end of my day and my eyes may be shot. 

If you've got one of these slides in question it may be a bit easier to take a look at it, and are you seeing it once the user clicks the object or just once they click the submit button? I wasn't clear about that part.

Just upload a copy of the .story (even just that one slide) using the "add attachment" button at the bottom of the reply window. Then we can take a look! 

Crystal Horn

Hey there, J.  My input as well...From what I can see in your screenshots, it looks like you are seeing the quiz review which is generally accessible from the results slide.  The quiz review will show users which answers they've submitted, but it will not allow them to change their answers.  If you'd like them to Retry the quiz, you can set that option as well from the Results slide.

The quiz review is pre-formatted, so there is no native way to change that glow effect to show the selected answers.

Ryan Frame

I've run into a similar issue before with a drag and drop quiz. there are 'drag correct' and 'drag incorrect' states (unsure if there is other correct/incorrect states for other questions) Even if you do not create these states for your object they are still there with a slight glow around them. You have to create the corresponding states to override the default formating.

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